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FRIDAY (11-NOV-22)

Board No: 1
Dealer: N, Vul: Nil
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Pair Numbers/Names  Score Matchpoints
North-SouthEast-WestContractLeadTricks  NS    EW      NS EW
1 Anna Colpo / Pat Jones1 Rose Alpen / Bev Furner1NT N790  71
2 David Thompson / Muriel Shaw3 Joan Staines / Rena Vitucci1NT N790  71
3 John Burge / Frank Lamond5 Glenda Webb / Leslie Miller2C W8 90 08
4 Mavis Gow / Leone Evans2 Margaret Perosin / Alison Kupsch1NT N6 50 26
5 Ivy Heath / Marg Bryon4 Susan Clarke / Joyce Jones1C N770  44

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1NT by NS=902
1C by NS=701
1NT by NS-1-501
2C by EW=-901

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